PHP Cheat Sheet Desk Mat


Elevate your coding game with the ultimate PHP Desk Mat Cheat Sheet!


Masterfully crafted for PHP developers by developers, this mat is your silent partner in coding excellence. Whether you're debugging under deadline or sharpening your PHP prowess, this desk companion puts the essentials of PHP syntax, functions, and best practices at your fingertips.


With its vibrant, organized layout, you won't waste precious seconds searching for information. It's not just about speed; it's about coding with confidence, knowing that the answers you need are right where you need them—on your desk, not buried in browser tabs.


This isn't just a tool; it's a shield for your workspace.


Made with high-quality materials designed to endure the rigors of a developer's life, it protects your desk and your code. And for the seasoned pros thinking, "I've got this all memorized": even the best can have a lapse under pressure. Our PHP Desk Mat doesn't just serve reminders—it inspires precision.


Don't let its practicality fool you; it's also a sleek piece of decor that speaks to your passion for PHP. It's a conversation starter, a statement piece, and an emblem of your commitment to craftsmanship in coding. Embrace efficiency without the fear of obsolescence—we've curated the most enduring and essential PHP knowledge, so your mat remains relevant through the updates and beyond.


Banish the clutter, not the clarity. The PHP Desk Mat Cheat Sheet is for coders who demand excellence and efficiency in every line of code. Are you ready to code with style?

What's on the mat:


  • Essential Syntax: Quick reference to PHP's foundational syntax for variables, operators, and control structures.
  • Functions Quick List: Common string, array, and custom functions at a glance.
  • Loop Constructs: For, foreach, while, and do-while loops for iterative processes.
  • Error Handling: Key phrases and methods to manage exceptions and errors effectively.
  • Regular Expressions: Patterns and modifiers for advanced string operations.
  • Date and Time: Functions for manipulating and formatting dates and times.
  • Super Globals: $_GET, $_POST, and more for handling form data and sessions.
  • OOP Fundamentals: Class and object syntax for Object-Oriented Programming in PHP.
  • Database Interaction: Basic PDO for database connections and operations.
  • Security Tips: Common security measures to protect data and applications.


...and much more!



  • Luxurious Cushioning: Dive into code with the comfort of a 4 mm thick neoprene layer, offering your wrists a plush, supportive experience during long coding sessions.
  • Steadfast Stability: Equipped with an anti-slip backing, this mat stays anchored to your desk, ensuring every keystroke is sure and steady.
  • Tailored Fit: Embrace the uniqueness of a mat that celebrates individuality with a size variance of +/- 1'', making yours distinctively yours.
  • Vivid Expression: Revel in a mat that's a canvas of creativity with full print coverage, turning your desk into a vibrant showcase of PHP brilliance.
  • Versatile Functionality: More than a coding companion, this mat serves multiple uses - from a mouse pad to a protective surface, it adapts to your dynamic work life.


Product FAQ:

Q: How big is it?

A: The mat measures 31,5 x 15.5 inch (80x40 cm).

Q: Will it work with my mouse?

A: YES! Most likely. Our mats works with everything from good ol' ball based mouse to fancy high dpi laser mouse.

Q: Will this really make me a better programmer?

A: Yes! The mat is a REAL and useful cheat sheet which will help you when you need to quickly look something up. It's also a novelty item you can show off to your cat or post on reddit for internet points.

Q: How good is the quality of the text / print?

A: Pretty good. We print in high resolution, but we are still limited to the laws of physics and since we're printing on fabric, it'll never be as crisp as a poster. But we get pretty close.

(actual close up image of one of our mats)

Q: Is this mug easy to clean?

A: YES! Just throw it in the dishwasher and you have a clean mug that doesn't taste of stale coffee anymore.

Q: What if I don't like it?

A: If you for whatever reason don't like your mat you can send it back for a full refund. If we made a mistake, we'll send you a new one.

Q: Is it made in the US of A?
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When you order from GeekGuise, we want you to be 100% happy with your purchase, so we offer a no-hassle 30 day money back guarantee.

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