Beast Mode

Beast Mode

Face it, geeks like us were not built for sports. 

Still remember your high school's jock and how he used to push you against the lockers? And how you whimpered in fear while he laughed with his jock friends? 

Well, what that ape didn't know was you RULED video games. 

Every afternoon when you came home from school, you turned on your console and you transformed into the beast that you actually are. You're in your element now, and there's no stopping you. Armed with your controller, those dumb high school brutes didn't stand a chance against you. 

And that whimper in the locker room? That wasn't actually a whimper. That was the little beast that you were cradling inside you. And once you unleashed that beast, not even the school jock could tame it. 

Who's laughing now?

The Beast Mode shirt is a premium product. It's made from 100% soft ringspun cotton, which is pre-shredded by hand. This basically means that before we even print on it, all loose fibers are removed, making the shirt feel next to nothing on your skin.

The soft cotton also makes the shirt absorb dye in a way that makes black look BLACK and red look like the cover of Arcana.

Plus, when we print, we use 7x less water than your average clothing facility. They recycle pretty much everything, too. Zero sweatshops, zero waste! 

NOTE: All our shirts are true to size. So, if you usually wear a large, get large.

Flick on the nostalgia switch and travel back in time with this shirt. 

(Fair warning — this shirt will spark childhood conversations, encourage long arcade anecdotes, and induce double-takes and inquiries from OG gamers like yourself.)

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