Friday Night

Friday Night

Friday nights are way different then as they are now. If teens of today are busy planning their ideal Friday night — eating out with friends or a party at the quarterback's parents' place — the teens of yesterday, aka you, were probably picking out which slasher film to watch with two of your best buddies.

And there were lots of movies to choose from. Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Child's Play, Slumber Party Massacre... you name it! 

And if you weren't into the whole blood and gore thing, maybe another genre suited you — Pulp Fiction or Trainspotting, anyone? (Everything was Rated R, but who cared?)

It didn't matter that all the other kids were doing something else (something cooler, maybe). For you and your friends, this was the Friday night. There was nowhere else you'd rather be.

Whenever you feel stressed from the day's work, channel the Friday night of your youth. Order some pizza, grab a bag of pretzels, crack open your favorite fizzy drink, and pop the tape into the VCR (or, you know, turn on Netflix).

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