Old Computer

Old Computer

Ever since the first personal computer was introduced, people have had their hands all over it. 

It didn't matter that it only had a 16 kB RAM and ho disk drives. It didn't matter that the screen wasn't in full color. What did matter was that it made technology even closer to us.

And did we adore it! Remember in high school, when you would type in slow commands into the clunky keyboard? 

But, man. The faint glow of the screen. The clickety-clack of the keyboard. The simple programs (or innocent viruses) that you could run using this almost-magical machine!

Fast forward to 30 or so years, and the personal computers of yesterday have been replaced by slick PC setups or super-slim laptops. 

And those bulky old things? Most of them can either tucked away in garages, or sold as collector's items for up to $500.

But dig them up from dusty boxes or do a quick search on Craigslist, and you'll be quickly reminded why people lovingly call it the 'personal computer'. It still hits home, doesn't it?

This is a premium product. It's made from 100% soft ringspun cotton, which is pre-shredded by hand. This basically means that before we even print on it, all loose fibers are removed, making the shirt feel next to nothing on your skin.

The soft cotton also makes the shirt absorb dye in a way that makes black look BLACK and red look like the cover of Arcana.

Plus, when we print, we use 7x less water than your average clothing facility. They recycle pretty much everything, too. Zero sweatshops, zero waste! 

NOTE: All our shirts are true to size. So, if you usually wear a large, get large.

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