The dictionary defines wisdom as "a famous or important person who is known for doing something extremely well". So, by that definition, can we call great gamers LEGENDS?

Yes. Yes, we can. Because good gamers walk in our midst all the time, but it's considered a small miracle if a truly great one graces us with their presence.

But how would you tell a good gamer from a legend? 

Simple, really. It's in the way his or her eyes light up every time he or she occupies the gaming chair — the throne. For the legend, their kingdom is anywhere they choose it to be. 

This design is a challenge — a call — to those who are tough enough to earn the title of LEGEND. Will you heed the call?

This is a premium product. It's made from 100% soft ringspun cotton, which is pre-shredded by hand. This basically means that before we even print on it, all loose fibers are removed, making the shirt feel next to nothing on your skin.

The soft cotton also makes the shirt absorb dye in a way that makes black look BLACK and red look like the cover of Arcana.

Plus, when we print, we use 7x less water than your average clothing facility. They recycle pretty much everything, too. Zero sweatshops, zero waste!

NOTE: All our shirts are true to size. So, if you usually wear a large, get large.

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